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All users have access to the included features for all collections. Premium and Pro Access unlocks additional features.
Feature Included Premium    Pro   
See all minted NFTs
See rarity ranks for all NFTs
See which NFTs are from first drop
Sort NFTs by price, rank, edition and more
Sort NFTs by popularity
Filter by all available attributes
Filter by for sale items only
Filter by items from first drop only
Filter by price range
Filter by rank range
View all attributes for an NFT and their rarity
View all NFTs with the same attributes
View all sales for an NFT
View collection and holder stats *
View all sales for a collection
Sort sales by price, rank, edition and date
Link with ThetaPass to view your ThetaDrop NFTs *
Link with MetaMask to view NFTs in other wallets
List NFTs on the Theta Rarity marketplace
Purchase NFTs on the Theta Rarity marketplace
Purchase NFTs from the OpenTheta marketplace
Purchase NFTs from the ThetaBoard marketplace
Transfer purchased NFTs to linked wallets
Make offer and private messaging
Vote for NFTs to influence their popularity Soon Soon Soon
Add NFTs to favorites list and filter by favorites Soon Soon Soon
View all price changes for an NFT  
Save frequently used searches by name  
Receive alerts when saved search results change  
Automatically refresh saved search results in browser  
Play audible alert when saved search results change  
Link directly to the buy page on ThetaDrop *  
Filter sales by attributes, price, rank and edition  
View an NFT's final rank (rank after all NFTs minted) §  
Link directly to the NFT owner's page on ThetaDrop *   Soon Soon
See which container an NFT came from   Soon Soon
Play to earn games featuring your NFTs   Soon Soon
View the activity and collections of other users     Soon
See price estimates based on attributes and sales     Soon
Sort by value (list price relative to price estimate)     Soon
View your buying and selling activity     Soon
View your profit/loss     Soon
Export income tax reports     Soon
* Only available for ThetaDrop collections.
Premium Access not required, but must be signed in to use.
All members can receive offers but Premium Access is required to make offers.
§ Only for collections where details of all NFTs to be minted have been supplied.

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If you elect to receive price alerts via SMS, each SMS alert will be charged at the TFuel equivalent of $0.075 per alert. Email alerts and push notifications using the Pushover app are both free.

If your TFuel balance reaches zero you will no longer receive SMS alerts, and your Premium Access will be cancelled once your current plan expires.

You do not need to own any NFTs on ThetaDrop or OpenTheta to use the Premium Access features.

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